Live local.

Many big cities are known for their local markets. Krakow is no exception in this case and some are saying that the leadership is in its reach. Why? Because Stary Kleparz.

Filled with local products, including eggs right from the farm, freshly picked fruits and veggies, smoked cold meats and cheeses. If we can advise you on one thing - don’t go there when hungry. Many of the stall owners will encourage you to taste something before buying, especially in the summer season you can be almost sure that you won’t leave before at least tasting some raspberries or cherries. You will find there also many herbs, mushrooms... as well as clothes, shoes, tools, and much, much more. And the bread! I mean - have you ever tried the Polish bread? 

Stary Kleparz was established in XII century and for the decades the place became a legend. Today, it’s open Monday-Friday, 8:00-18:00, and on Saturdays from 8:00 until 15:00. Stary Kleparz is situated at the open space, at Rynek Kleparski, in the Old Town.

Vegans do not eat grass in Krakow.

If you happen to be a vegan staying in Krakow, you don’t need to be worried about your meals. With each year the number of places with vegan/vegetarian menu is getting longer, and definitely tastier. And „boredom” it’s probably one of the last things that you can call it.


Krowarzywa in Krakow is the fourth local by Krowarzywa in Poland. It all started in Warsaw but the popularity and admiration (yes, that’s the word) for the vegan burgers, exceeded owner’s expectations. Krowarzywa at Slawkowska Street serves the overwhelming vegan burgers, with homemade sauces and the most original recipes. Definitely a vegan must-eat. 


Vegan Sushi, right? That’s the thing you should try this year. Or any other, to be fair. Youmiko Sushi, situated at Józefa Street, serves traditional sushi and its vegan version. At Youmiko’s you will find only fresh ingredients and you can even bring your own drink! 


This chickpeas dip has been on the mind of many for the last couple of years. No wonder - it’s a great starter, a great addition to a breakfast, supper, and even for the main course, but first of all - it’s a great any timer. If you want to eat some hummus while you’re in Krakow, pick the best one at Meiselsa Street. You will find their hummus flavored with beetroot, chili, pumpkin, dried tomatoes, olives... and many others.


This restaurant at Szeroka serves middle east cuisine in its finest. Lots of starters that will be more than enough when accompanied by a group of friends. Everything is mouthwatering, the service is excellent, the menu fits the needs of all, and at the top of it - the place is simply beautiful. 


This small cafe at Krupnicza serves delicious coffee and cakes. You can also grab there a meal - including delicious soups or tarts. But first of all - start with a cup of coffee.


Momo, the classic. First of all - visit Momo for the momo dumplings, especially if you never before heard about them. The bar is filled with different salads and the menu is short yet enough. Momo is vegan all the way - the bistro promotes a healthy lifestyle, animal rights, and yoga classes. 


If you’re one of these people that find all they need after a hard day in a bowl of comfy food, that’s your place. Situated at the beautiful Matejko Square, Glonojad is a small vegetarian and vegan-friendly bar that serves meals based on seasonal products and simple ingredients. 


A small yet extremely tasty embassy of street Indian cuisine in Krakow, at Krakowska Street. Half of the menu is vegan and half is including meat. However, the taste makes them totally equal. Visit Curry up for the most amazing dals, onion chips with bbq/plum sauce or for to just grab a cup of mango lassi.

Now, you know here you can go. The rest is to your taste. 

See Krakow from the other side.

Canoeing. Probably the last thing that comes up to your mind when thinking about leisure in Poland. However, it’s not that uncommon. Rivers are crossing Poland’s lands all across - it's probably one of the reasons why the countryside is so unique. 


Polish rivers are not only important for the biosphere and the best example is Vistula - the river that connects two, most important Polish cities - Warsaw, today’s capital, and Krakow, the headquarters of kings for many centuries, and the ex-capital as well. The Vistula was an inspiration for many famous painters and writers; it was also a very popular water route in back the days, and, what may be the most surprising, for many years the Vistula was also a river filled with salmons, and for the last couple of years ecologists are doing their best to restore it. Nowadays, Vistula is also known as a great canoeing route.


If you consider yourself as a great swimmer, you can rent equipment in the season that starts in May and ends in September, or go on an organized tour. The route that is the most popular is the one that starts near Wawel and ends at the Benedictine Monastery in Tyniec. You can also choose other route but be sure that you’re being well informed. If you’re looking for a good canoes rental, we would recommend the one that’s at Kosciuszki 16 Street or at Jozefa Street 24. 


Don’t reconsider it twice. It’s a great way for spending a sunny afternoon - and with a hell of a view!









If you’re a runner - gather.


People are so into competition these days. Except for the runners - even if they compete, there’s usually a nobel cause behind it. 


If you’re a runner, you may consider taking a part in one of these run’s that are happening through the year in Krakow:


Półmaraton Królewski - The Royal Half-marathon


Maraton Królewski - The Royal Marathon


Bieg Trzech Kopców - Three Mounds Run


Among the three mentioned above, there are also many occassional runs, like the one on the New Year’s Day. 


Now you know that you shouldn’t be forgetting about your running shoes when coming to Krakow.

Five minutes for a meal is more than enough.

Poles are all over food trucks for the last couple of years. During summertime, in most of the big cities, there are events for street food suppliers from different Polish cities. If you’re one of these people that never really know what they would have, you should definitely visit one of this events. However, there are also many stable street foods, on which you can count despite the season, time, or day of the week. A restaurant in a truck, literally. 


When we’re talking about food trucks, there are at least a few undeniable favorites, like Belgian fries, Belgian waffles, burgers, or momo dumplings. Though we’re in Cracow and we should remember about the unquestionable food truck over food trucks - that is the Blue Nyska. 


The Nyska is a blue van that feeds people with grilled sausages incessantly since the late seventies. To be fair, many has changed since then, except the simplicity and great taste served on a paper plate at Nyska. You will Nyska near Hala Targowa, at Grzegorzecka Street. It’s open Monday to Friday in the late hours - from 8PM till 3AM.

However, this sausage thing is an episode on the culinary plot of Krakow. As we said at the beginning, it’s all about burgers. It’s hard to say where to find them though because as the name says - it’s a truck with food and it’s moving around the city. 



You will find this food truck at Bronowicka Street. Visit it to grab a schnitzel, closed in a bun - just like a burger. But better.




If you a fan of souvlaki, you’ll definitely want to find this one in Krakow. Look for it at Kazimierz, especially at Izaak Square. 







They’re big cause the food truck is a bus, literally. A two-floor English bus filled with burgers and fries. You will also find it at Izaak Square. 




Also at Izaak’s Square, serves fries, based on the Belgian recipe. You will find it by the people standing in a line in front of it - and this may be the best recommendation.




Placed nearby the Izaak’s Square, Streat Slow Food is the local’s favorite. Visit it if you can call yourself a true burger fan.




Andrus, located at the Izaak’s Square, is something that you need to try if you want to be introduced to truly Polish food truck cuisine. Andrus serves burgers with maczanka. What’s a maczanka? It’s a pork neck, that was marinated for two days and then roasted for a long time at a low temperature. Very unique taste. 


For the best Friday night out.

Not longer than a few years ago, Forum Przestrzenie was just a giant empty hotel that was throwing a dark shadow of past over the city’s skyline. However, as it is usually, in every city there are at least couple of people that have something more than a vision drawn on a Friday night - a plan.


So they’ve started with a plan. 


A few years later, Forum Przestrzenie (which literally means Forum Spaces), became one of the most known, most liked, and most visited venues in Cracow. During the day, you can grab a meal (with many vegan/vegetarian options), during the night you can sit cozily on a couch with a drink, or when it’s rainy outside - listen to some cool music played there. But it’s just the beginning. Forum, as the tradition says, is a place for all, and as many people as many tastes. Forum is liked by the fans of a good night with techno in the background, for those who admire chilling over the river (that’s quite important information - Forum is near the Vistula), and even for those that when thinking about a night out have in mind board games. As many tastes, we’ve made the warning. 


Today, Forum, established in 2013, serves a lot of attractions. First of all, Forum is  a club. Secondly - Forum is a places that integrates. The owner’s have provided many initiatives with the spaces they needed, like the Fashion Forum, Design Forum, or Workshops Forum - all of which are situated in the Forum’s building. 


Forum also hosts many events, festivals, fairs, concerts, and many others - those 5000 m2 are no wastin'. 


A place soaked in artistic atmosphere...

The Krakow Old Town shrouded in the legends and mysteries impresses people with beautiful palaces and tenement houses. Every time walking along the wide and narrow streets we discover the places soaked in history, about which little can be said. One such well-known unknown place is Pareńskich Palace located on Wielopole 4 street.

Currently, There is The Holiday Inn hotel, but there was a time in the end of the XIX century that the palace was the center of artistic meetings and regardless of the time of the day it was possible to meet there  as much important and famous people as Stanisław Wyspiański, Tadeusz Boy- Żeleński or Kazimierz Przerwa-Tetmajer.


The palace belonged to Stanislaw Pareński, a doctor, professor, patron of the arts. Pareński had three daughters, who were not only educated but also confident, outspoken and natural. In "Wesele", a drama by Stanislaw Wyspianski, where he described the course of the wedding of one of the author's friends, Lucjan Rydel, there are two of the daughters, Sophia, and Maria. The first one married Tadeusz Boy - their marriage was stormy, complicated and liberated. Tadeusz was a choleric, artist and he worked a lot. He started his career and flirting, leaving the 19-year-old wife with a baby the apartment full of workers, painters, and ubiquitous overbearing Wyspiański. Cabaret "Green Balloon", actresses, over time more and more translation work and writing - Zosia had to find all this, accept or leave. They only survived their friendship.

Today the palace is renovated and hardly anyone realizes that beneath the surface, upgraded interior and restored entrance, once there were Polish events important to the nineteenth-century such as for example the first public reading of the aforementioned groundbreaking drama "Wesele".



Hidden spirit of Krakow

This place is famous for a good quality of meat, especially beef, and fresh, healthy food. It is worth to go there to buy vegetables, fruit, and eggs. It is also possible to find ecological food there. It is placed on Zwierzyniec, surrounded by Senatorska, Borelowskiego, Stachowicz, Filarecka and Kraszewskiego streets.

Talking about “Plac Na Stawach” which means the square on the ponds. There are no ponds now but the name refers to the ponds which had belonged to the Norbertine Order, who had been using it as the kitchen facilities.


After overwhelming the ponds, the marketplace was built, there was “Bar Na Stawach” opened. It started to be one of the artistic places where all the authors had been meeting, especially Jerzy Harasymowicz, a poet. He was very famous and fertile, he also supported a krakowian football team, Cracovia.


After the years, Bar Na Stawach came back as a literary symbol, for example in the Wolna Grupa Bukowina band’s songs. The song “Bar Na Stawach” referred to Jerzy Harasymowicz and his poems connected to this place.


The bar is closed in these days, but Plac Na Stawach is obviously the place where everyone who likes healthy food and who looks for the old spirit of Krakow should visit.

It's just around every corner...

Have you ever seen the old ladies with the blue street carts and the middle-sized ringed-shape bakings inside?

These are the krakowian obwarzanki - typical for the region and the city. Have you wondered about its history and why it is so popular?

The term obwarzanek Krakowski is Polish. The Polish noun obwarzanek, or obarzanek, derives from the verb obwarzać, "to parboil”, referring to the distinctive technique of boiling the dough before baking.

First notes about obwarzanki come from the XIVth century and say that it could be baked only during the Lent. Until the XIXth century, it was possible for every baker was able to bake it, when his turns came, resulting from the draw. Since this time till the 50s of XX century, obwarzanki had been selling directly from the wicker baskets.


Today almost all obwarzanki are sold in the street cart stands, there are about 170-180 street carts in all the city. In 2006 obwarzanek Krakowski was included on the list of Traditional specialities guaranteed and Protected designation of origin, in 2010.


It is good to remember that not every obwarzanek is typical for Krakow.Different kinds of flour provide the highest quality, but the rye flour decides about the blush. The price of obwarzanek is between 1,30 and 1,70 PLN in Krakow.

Must see hallmarks in Krakow: “Dragons, anywhere?”



You've probably heard about the Wawel, but have you ever heard the legend about the dragon?


From the Chronicle of Master Vincent called Kadlubek (from the turn of the 13th century):


“In the tunnels of a certain rock, there lived an immensely dreadful monster, whom some used to call the whole-eater. Every week his voracity called for a fixed number of cattle. If the settlers had not supplied the cattle (as sacrificial beasts), they would be punished by losing the equivalent number of human heads. Grakch [Cracus] could not tolerate the shame of this [...] and he secretly called his sons, told them of his intention and presented a solution [...] To which they answered: [...] ‘It is you who has the power to give orders, and we are here to obey’. Having experienced many, and futile, skirmishes, they were forced to use deception. In the place of the cattle, they put cattle’s skins stuffed with ignited sulphur. And when the whole-eater swallowed it with great appetite, he suffocated from the outburst of an internal fire. Immediately after this, the younger brother attacked and killed the older, his partner in victory and the Kingdom, treating him not as a companion but as a competitor. He lied that it was the monster who was guilty of the killing, and his father happily accepted him as a winner. Thus the younger Cracus succeeded his father, benefiting from his crime! But he was tainted with fratricide longer than he was awarded power. Soon after, the deceit came to light, and as punishment for his deed, he was banished forever[...] And it was indeed on the rock of the whole-eater that the famous city was soon established, named Cracovia from Cracus’ name, to commemorate him forever. The funeral ceremony finished only when the city was completed. Some named it Krakow because of the crowing of the crows, who flew in attracted by the carcas of the monster.”


Dragon is highly involved in the culture of Krakow. You can visit his den, buy yourself one of his various souvenir incarnations or see the dragon monument belching fire! Just text "smoke" to 7168 when you will be nearby the bronze statue and see the unbelievable.

Where do you find best sausages in Krakow?

There is a limited amount of things that you can experience during your holiday stay. The same problem comes around each time - which attraction you should choose to experience the city the most. Frankly, it's hard to find the one and right answer, but you can always stick to the suggestions of locals.

The Nyska, an old Soviet model of a bus, stands in the same place in Cracow for over twenty years, serving a simple grilled kielbasa (sausage) each night. And only by night! Nyska is standing in the same place near Hala Targowa each night (starting at 8 pm and closing when the sun comes up) except Sunday. For less than two pounds, you can try a simple yet really tasty meal from a true food truck. A vintage food truck, to be fair.

What you should taste while travelling in Krakow?

Pierogies, pierogies, pierogies. The most common phrase when speaking about Polish cuisine. The thing with pierogies is the same like with Italian pasta - each one knows the true taste. There's no such thing as a unique recipe. There are as many pierogies recipes as many Poles. However, some miracle had happened few years ago when the first Przystanek Pierogarnia was opened.

With the total space smaller than a newsstand, Przystanek Pierogarnia wouldn't be the same if someone move it to a fancy looking, spacious place. Confined space, wooden walls, eclectic decorations - it's what makes it what it is. We can continue describing the surroundings, but the truth is that when speaking about Przystanek we should say only one thing - try it. Different kinds of filling, delicious, soft and delicate pastry and the homemade cooking flavour deserved to be titled "the best pierogies in Krakow". Przystanek also has other meals in their short yet efficient menu - from a pork goulash to tasty soups. Everything is extremely affordable and even more tasteful. A place to visit!

Why you should follow the beaten track: Planty

Photo: Barbara Maliszewska


Each great city has its unique districts. New York has six - with the most famous shiny-star called Manhattan, just next to the hipsterish Brooklyn. Krakow has not less to offer. And not only the number of districts is what we have in mind.


The most known district or, like we used to say, regarded as well known, the Old Town, can offer you some unusual sightseeing. Put the guide back to your bag, stop being afraid of the mystery stairwells, and just let yourself into the best of the beaten track.


Start with the green oasis surrounding Krakow's Old Town called Planty Gardens. It takes less than 2 hours to walk through the alleys full of trees. They can amuse you despite the season. Enjoy the subtle leaves falling from the trees in the Fall or the full blossom of Spring. Seemingly it's just another green part of the city but the harder you seek, the more you will notice. It equally combines the calmness and wistfulness brought to the city with the course of history - of the city itself and of the people that made it famous. But it also includes the New. You will find there many benches with a QR code attached to them. Check it out on your smartphone to hear the poets reading their poetry. If you're lucky enough to know Polish, you can choose from a variety of the Polish poets though don't ignore it if the language is a problem. It's something stirring just in hearing it. The tone and the rhythm are sometimes more meaningful than words.

Nothing more to say - have a nice walk then.